Dragonball Z (Dual Audio)(MKV)(UNCUT Season 2)(Broken)

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Dragonball Z (Dual Audio)(MKV)(UNCUT Season 2)(Broken) Empty Dragonball Z (Dual Audio)(MKV)(UNCUT Season 2)(Broken)

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Dragonball Z (Dual Audio)(MKV)(UNCUT Season 2)(Broken) 2002499340431640708_rs

second season of the wildly popular Dragon Ball Z comprises the "Namek"
and "Captain Ginyu" sagas. Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma travel to the
planet Namek to find an even more powerful set of Dragon Balls that can
restore the lives of Tenshinhan, Yamucha, Chaozu and Piccolo, who were
killed by Vegeta during the first season. (Their souls continue to
train with King Kai in the Other World.) All is not well on Namek: the
arch-villain Frieza, who looks and sounds a bit like Truman Capote,
also desires the Dragon Balls. If he uses them to obtain eternal life,
he'll rule the universe forever. With a cadre of lieutenants that
includes Vegeta, he slaughters the Namekians to gain the supernatural
orbs. After his injuries have been healed by a magic senzu bean, Goku
heads to Namek. En route, he trains at 100 gravities, raising his
powers enormously. Vegeta believes Goku may be the legendary Super
Saiyan that appears once a millennium--except he lacks the requisite
love of battle. This version of Goku is less aggressive, and he
uncharacteristically uses his brain (never his greatest asset) to
defeat Ginyu, Frieza's second-in-command. Unlike Season 1--Vegeta Saga,
Season 2ends on a cliff-hanger. Skeptics may find Goku's adventures
needlessly protracted, over the top, and even silly. But for millions
of boys, they provide the special blend of comradeship, martial arts
training, and take-no-prisoners battles they love. The newly remastered
edition includes the original Japanese dialogue for the first time.
(Rated TV PG. suitable for ages 8 and older: violence, minor risqué
humor, brief nudity, tobacco and alcohol use)

Format: .MKV
Size: 259 MB - 263 MB
Number Of Episodes: 40-74/ Complete

Episode 40

Episode 41

Episode 42

Episode 43

Episode 44

Episode 45

Episode 46

Episode 47

Episode 48

Episode 49

Episode 50

Episode 51

Episode 52

Episode 53

Episode 54

Episode 55

Episode 56

Episode 57

Episode 58

Episode 59

Episode 60

Episode 61

Episode 62

Episode 63

Episode 64

Episode 65

Episode 66

Episode 67

Episode 68

Episode 69

Episode 70

Episode 71

Episode 72

Episode 73

Episode 74 (Final)

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